Create a Multimedia Resume in 3 Hours!

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“John Wilpers and Degree2Dreams are the masters of resumes. This will immediately put you ahead of most of the competition.” - Sam Clarke, Executive Assistant to Casting Director, “America’s Next Top Model”

To get a job these days means you need to stand out from the crowd. What better way than a multimedia resume that, among other things, enables you and your best reference to actually “talk” to a potential employer?!

A multimedia resume is different from ordinary resumes. It is different from any “cool templates” you’ve seen or your friends have used.

Degrees2Dreams Build a Multimedia Resume in just three hours

Sam Clarke
Exec. Asst. to Casting Director
“America’s Next Top Model”
“John is all about a sense of entrepreneurship and making yourself as marketable as possible. It’s a tough job market out there but I haven’t noticed and I’ll always be grateful to John for helping me get to where I am.”

Multimedia resumes created with Degrees2Dreams showcase you in dramatic and unique ways! They include links to your work and professional websites and blogs, a photo of you working in your field, real quotes from references, and two QR codes — one to a video introduction of you demonstrating your energy and industry knowledge, the other to a video from your best reference waxing poetic about what  great candidate you are.

Degrees2Dream’s multimedia resumes stand out in any stack of applicants, and they are fun to make!

In addition to the fun stuff, you’ll get Degrees2Dream’s excellent editing, positioning, and optimizing language to tout your best accomplishments.

Here’s an example of an actual multimedia resume created with Degrees2Dreams.

Want your own multimedia resume? Sign up now for one of our workshops or one-on-one training to create your own.

Build a Multimedia Resume in Just Three Hours
(Limited to 16 participants)

Share an evening with me and a small group of other job seekers as I show you the key elements that can make the difference between having your resume disappear in a black hole or rise to the top. AND I’ll not only teach you how to create a multimedia resume, we’ll actually DO it! You’ll walk in with a “normal” resume and walk out with a multi-media resume, complete with at least one QR code. We’ll throw in an E-book with additional training, links, and guidance.

Price: $145
All classes located in Downtown Boston.
Many dates & times available.


“John helped make my resume informative and innovative (you don’t know how many people have commented on the QR code!).” Celia Nissen, Content Strategist, SapientNitro

The Exclusive One-to-One Package

Receive three hours of personalized one-on-one guidance from me for your specific online job search, AND walk out with a multimedia resume, complete with QR code. E-book with additional training, links, and guidance included. Over $300 value!

Price: $195
Private scheduling available for the Greater Boston Area.
Please call: 617-688-0137 or email [email protected] for more info.

“I’ve been working at what is basically a dream job, thanks in no small part to the resume we created together.” - Chris Snow, staff writer,

The UNLIMITED Exclusive One-to-One Package

In addition to receiving three hours of personalized one-on-one guidance from me on your specific online job search, AND walking out with a multimedia resume complete with QR code, you’ll receive:

UNLIMITED coaching after the class AND 30 minutes with our video production team to create your custom introductory video about YOU! You will also receive our e-book with additional training, links, and guidance also included.

Price: $245
Private scheduling available for the Greater Boston Area.
Please call: 617-688-0137 or email [email protected] for more info.

“John taught me valuable job finding skills including networking and writing a killer resume. It was a highlight of my grad school experience despite not technically being part of my program.” - Jennifer Leslie, Ph.D, MIT; Medical Writer, MediTech Media

Add-ons & Extras

Custom Video Work

Work with me and our video production team for 20 minutes to create your custom video introduction about YOU! Link your QR code on your resume to this video to stand out and share your passion from an employer’s first glance at your resume.

Price: $45
Please call: 617-688-0137 or email [email protected] for more info.

Additional Coaching

Package of four additional 15-minute coaching segments during your job search, scheduled at your convenience, to discuss any topic you want.

Price: $65
Please call: 617-688-0137 or email [email protected] for more info.


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John Wilpers

John Wilpers

Founder & CEO at Degrees2Dreams
I am the founder and CEO of Degrees2Dreams, a company I created to empower college students and recent grads to leverage the power of social media to build a rewarding, fulfilling, fun career. I have been working in media for forty years, and continue to speak and consult with media companies around the world, including newspapers and magazines in Norway, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Washington, England, Korea, The Ukraine, Austria, and others. Prior to launching Degrees2Dreams, I worked with major media companies including the Los Angeles Times, The Christian Science Monitor,, The Miami Herald, the San Diego Union-Tribune, and BostonNOW. I have also been the editor of multiple online city sites in AOL’s Digital City network. Outside of publishing, I am the founder of a self-esteem building soccer program that has graduated 4,000 girls since 1996 ( I am also a long-board surfer, and have performed as “Mother Ginger” in a Boston production of “The Nutcracker” for the last 15 years. My wife of 36 years and I live in Marshfield, MA with my two daughters.

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