PSY Gangnam video resumes, Space Jumper career advice and more

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Just in case you missed it, since I’m sure you were busy doing something very important – like scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed – here are some great job-search-related articles on video resumes, LinkedIn, Volunteering and space-jumping!

Career Lessons from a Space Jumper

Don’t think that Felix Baumgartner’s sound-barrier-breaking jump has anything to do with your job hunt?  Think again!  Campus-to-career shows you how you can take skills from Baumgartner and apply them to finding the job that’s right for you!

How to Gangnam Style Your Video Resume

You’ve seen .gifs of it on Tumblr, seen the YouTube link all over Facebook, and even heard the K-Pop hit on the radio!  But, does PSY’s Gangnam Style video have anything to do with your job search?  A lot, according to CareerEnlightenment’s Joshua Waldman.  Check it out!

LinkedIn Unveils New Profiles, Analytics

Just when you think your LinkedIn profile is finally complete, LinkedIn decides to change the game up!  With a bigger picture, and status updates, LinkedIn is stepping up to help you make connections!

How Volunteering Can Land You A Job

 Sometimes, it’s hard to convince yourself to get up and work, especially if you’re not getting paid for it.  But, if you’re lacking experience in your field, volunteering can be a great way to build your skills, prove your worth, and network with people in your field!

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