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The Degrees2Dreams Summer 2012 Internship Picnic

(Degrees2Dreams will be launching our services soon. In the meantime, we’re writing blog posts we hope will help you in your job search.)


I have been working with college student interns for decades, and intensely for the last three years (almost 300 interns from 2008 to 2012).

Over the last four years, I’ve discovered that the career counseling offices at colleges and universities are failing to teach students how to leverage the power of social media to launch their careers using cutting-edge tools to showcase their skills, raise their profiles in their fields, build a network of powerful people, and stand out from the crowd.

So I started Degrees2Dreams.

John Wilpers, Degrees2Dreams, resume help, student resumes

My Summer 2011 Internship Picnic

Here’s what we’ll do with you. It’s a five-step process. You can join up for the whole thing (“The Campaign” for students who know what they want to do, or “The Exploration” for students who aren’t sure and want to investigate a few career options). Or you can just get whatever you need right now (“The Expedition Kit” for students who need help with just one or two things).
For college career counselors, we offer either a quick half-day overview of the uses of social media in the job search, leaving you with all sorts of tools and even a recommendation letter writing service

Whichever route you choose, these are the key stages that we’ll help you through:

  1. An Interactive, Keyword-Loaded Resume: A resume using social media tricks (including QR Code links to videos of you and your best reference) and ATS-friendly terms. We also clean up and flesh out your digital footprint at this stage.
  2. A “Me Site”: A digital portfolio to put all the best information about you in one, easy-t0-find place and take control of your digital footprint
  3. A “Passion Blog”: A showcase of all your skills and industry knowledge, and a means of raising your profile in your field
  4. A Social Media Marketing Campaign of YOU: Using various social media platforms to locate key industry players and raise their awareness of you!
  5. An Informational Interview Campaign: Getting out and meeting the key players in an informational interview setting to raise your profile, impress those key people, build your professional network, and plug into the industry grapevine for openings that are never advertised. 



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