Blogging To Find A Job Step 5: What Are You Going To Write About?

Step 5 in launching your professional blog requires that you finally choose the single topic that you think has the best chance to land you a job.

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Take all of the lists you’ve compiled so far—your list of passions, skills, and companies you want to work for—and mix them all together to create a formula that will result in a blog topic that will get the attention of the key players in your field and cause you to to interview them for the blog.

So first you need to narrow down your passion blog topics from 10 to about three.

How do you do that?

Let’s learn by example, shall we?  If you remember, way back when in this blog post, I identified my 10 passions as animal rights, vegetarianism, women’s rights, environmentalism, writing, American literature, art, museums, theatre, and cats & turtles.  I also said I wanted to show off my writing skills, blogging skills, social media skills, and analytical skills.


As for which companies I’d like to work for, the best options for me would be art museums, animal rights/women’s rights/environmental non-profits, and newspapers or journals.

So, what passion blog could I create that would enable me to reach an audience of curators, non-profit directors, and editors?  Off the top of my head …

1) Vegetarian art: A blog featuring descriptions of artwork created by vegetarian or vegan artists.

2) A non-profits guide to raising money:  A directory of non-profits that use solid fundraising and social media tactics to earn loyal, financially supportive followers.

3) A 30-something’s guide to animal activism:  A guide for a slightly older generation of animal activists to learn how to keep fighting the good fight.

There you have it:  three possible blog topics that I’m passionate about, would show off my skills, and would put me in touch with key leaders in my field. All I have to do now is decide which to pursue first!

Now it’s your turn!  Have fun with this.  You’ll find that the combinations are almost endless, but try to narrow it down to three solid topics. And then choose the one that has the greatest potential and launch it first. You can go back to the other two later (if you’re not already working in the field you chose for your first blog!)


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