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Studies prove that only 2-10% of all job openings are advertised. With the poor economy driving hundreds or thousands to apply for even the most menial of jobs, hiring managers are doing everything they can to AVOID posting an ad and having to cope with the resulting tsunami of paperwork. If they're not so sure about the quality of their assignments, they can easily buy dissertation methodologys online and be sure they get their orders in time.

Instead, they 1) ask staff for recommendations, 2) check their files for people who have reached out, and 3) search the web using keyword searches for candidates who have put themselves out there to be found. There are additional

We’ll help your students be prominent in all three places.



We put your student/graduate on the radar screens of key people in their field

Over the last five years, I have worked with almost 300 college students and recent grads just like your students.

Initially, they were clueless about how to use social media in the new world of job search (we call it “career launching” because you and they want them to get more than just a job!).

During that time span, I brought my decades of management experience (I’ve interviewed and hired hundreds of people) and my experience in both old and new media to the problem and started Degrees2Dreams. I developed a six-step process mixing cutting-edge tools with good old-fashioned networking tricks to create a system that empowers students with the skills and strategies to stand out from the crowd.

With hundreds of applicants competing for every opening, your student must stand out to have a chance of success. If your student/graduate follows our process, he or she will become very, very memorable. Almost all of my “graduates” who complete the six steps find great career-launching positions (read some Degrees2Dreams testimonials here).

I have a free service for career counselors and career counseling offices that’s designed to bring you up to date on the latest job search techniques, especially the use of social media as well as the need to be ATS-friendly. You can arrange a free consultation by e-mailing me at [email protected].

Here’s what we’ll do with you or your office. In either a quick, 90-minute orientation or longer half-day, full-day or weekend boot camp, we will train you in the six-step. sequential process:

  1. A Scrubbed and Robust “Digital Footprint”: As many as 90% of all employers check out applicants online, and 70% have rejected candidates based on what they find there. The good news is that 70% have also hired applicants based on what they find online. So we have all sorts of tools to help not only clean up the student’s online presence but also make it great.
  2. An Interactive, Keyword-Loaded Resume: A resume using social media tricks (including QR Code links to videos of the student and his or her best reference) and an ATS-friendly resume.
  3. A “Me Site”: A digital portfolio to put all the best information about your student in one, easy-t0-find place and take control of his or her digital footprint.
  4. A “Passion Blog”: This is a blog about a narrow niche in the student’s field designed to showcase their skills, demonstrate their industry knowledge, put them in touch with key players (not as a supplicant but as a fellow in the field), raise their profile in that field
  5. A Social Media Marketing Campaign: Using various social media platforms to locate key industry players and raise their awareness of your student!
  6. An Informational Interview Campaign: A calculated, extremely well-researched campaign to get the student out meeting key players in an informational interview setting to raise their profile, impress those key people, build their professional network, and plug into the industry grapevine for openings that are never advertised.

The half-day, full-day and weekend sessions involve actually doing the things you’ll be training your students to do. We’ve found that explaining these things is not enough. Actually doing them gives you the self-confidence to walk your students through the steps and gives you more credibility when you are practicing what you preach.

GET MORE INFORMATION about how we can help you: Contact me at: [email protected] or by phone at 617.688.0137.

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