What is a “Me Site” and why should I have one?

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A “Me Site” is a one-page website that performs some of the same tasks as a resume: It introduces you, shows off some of your past accomplishments, and gives the visitor several ways to get in touch with you. But the Me Site is so much more than just another copy of your resume.

A Me Site gives you far more creative control in how you are presented (and perceived) than a page full of 11-point-Times-New-Roman type jammed into a single-spaced mass of gray type.

Think about it, if you were sifting through resumes and they all looked exactly the same, how would you remember any of the applicants? With the Me Site, potential employers can see your face and a creatively designed page all about you. There are colors and font styles and links to grab their attention — far more dynamic than any classic black-and-white resume.

Also unlike the standard resume, a Me Site can be changed at any time, seen after you’ve sent out the link in a cover letter or resume. Not so your resume! As soon as you send out a copy of your resume, it’s static. You can’t add new accomplishments, you can’t reword a profile, you can’t update a reference.

On your Me Site, potential employers will be able to see the most up-to-date version of you and everything you’ve done

Another reason to create a Me Site? It makes you findable! In a classic hiring situation, the job hunter submits resumes and cover letters to the companies he or she is interested in. But with a Me Site, it’s possible for potential employers to find you! They can check out your site and, if your skills and accomplishments match their needs, they can reach out to YOU! How’s that for turning the tables?!

In addition to making you discoverable, a Me Site contributes to controlling your online image and making sure your “digital footprint” is a positive one.

Let’s face it — this is the age of social media and potential employers are definitely going to look you up on the Internet. Rather than just finding your personal Facebook profile or Twitter page, potential employers will find this page that shows off your best professional self.

Almost half of all employers check out applicants’ social media profiles the minute they get the application, long before they ever contact you. And almost 70% of all companies have rejected applicants based on what they find on social media; fortunately, 68% of all companies have hired someone based on what they find on social media. So it can work both ways!

Really, when you get down to it, having a Me Site is one of the best things you can do for your job search. You’ll stand out for great reasons — so go on, get to it!



Here are links to various sites where you can build your Me Site:









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