We guide students in launching their careers & we train college career counselors

If you are about to graduate college or have recently graduated, you do not need to be un- or under-employed. You CAN launch the career of your dreams, and we can help you do it.

Degrees2Dreams serves two groups of people:

  1. College students and recent grads
  2. College career counseling offices


College students and recent grads generally break down into two groups, and we can help both:

  1. Those who know exactly what they want to do
  2. Those who don’t know exactly what they want to do

For those who know exactly what they want to do, we work with you launching your job search ”Campaign”  using our proven six-step process to showcase your skills and industry knowledge via social media, get you on the radar screens and in front of the powerful people in your professional niche, and plug into the hidden job network.

For those who aren’t sure what they want to do, we launch the “Exploration” process, investigating careers you think you might find rewarding and fulfilling. Once you’ve chosen your field and possible jobs within that field, we begin the six-step “Campaign” process.

We offer our services in person, speaking to groups large and small. We also offer one-to-one training at your convenience and at your pace, either in person or over Skype (if you’re not in Boston).


For college career counselors, we offer either a quick half-day overview of the uses of social media in the job search, leaving you with all sorts of tools you can then explore more deeply on your own. Or we offer full-day and weekend training workshops that actually have you doing the things you’ll be encouraging your students to use.


If you’re interested in exploring how we might be able to help you, whether you’re a current student, a recent grad, or a college career counseling office, send me an e-mail ([email protected]) or call/text me (617-688-0137).

You do not need to be unemployed or underemployed. Your college education has prepared you to be a creative, thoughtful, resourceful, thinking human being, and you can convert your degree into the career of your dreams. It takes work, hard work, but it is a very realistic goal.

But don’t take my word for it; look at the testimonials of students and recent grads I have helped launch their exciting careers.

I look forward to talking to you and lighting a fire under your career plans.



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