Today’s 5 Best Job Search Tips From Degrees2Dreams

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Today's 5 Best Job Search Tips from Degrees2Dreams

  1. One sure-fire way of getting people to read your blog is to have well designed posts. Here’s an article on Individual Blog Post Design to get you started.
  2. Interviews are hard enough without bringing food into the mix. Here are 6 Tips For Handling Lunch or Dinner Interviews when your venue is decided for you.
  3. ATS-friendly resumes might sound tedious to prepare but without the added stress of layout design, it’s actually quite straightforward! Find out How To Give the ATS a 1, 2 Punch and put your fears to rest.
  4. Resumes may not all list the same professional experiences but they share many pitfalls. Check out 7 Ways Your Resume Is Just As Boring As Everyone Else’s to avoid getting stuck in that rut.
  5. Think you know everything about Facebook? Maybe n0t. Here are 8 Reasons Your Page Isn’t Being Liked on Facebook.

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