Here at Degrees2Dreams, we’ve loved receiving all kinds of testimonials from our alums, especially in beatbox. Here are just some of the great feedback we’ve gotten on our training, resources, and coaching.


Sae Cho testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Sae Cho
Director of Social Media
Yo!Dog Marketing

Broadcast Journalism, Boston U., May ’11; Director of Social Media, Yo!Dog Marketing (LinkedIn Profile)

“Working with John Wilpers has made all the difference in my search for my first job. After getting no answers to job inquiries I sent to more than 20 broadcast outlets, and with just two weeks to go before graduating, I interviewed for a social media marketing position at Yo!Dog Marketing in Viejo, CA. They started with 100 candidates and narrowed it down to 8. The first thing they told me during my second interview was how much they loved my use of QR Codes. They said it immediately set me apart from the rest of the resumes. During my work with John, I also made a video introduction to put on my personal website. Although the video makes me cringe with embarrassment, I have never been to an interview where it wasn’t brought up!  As it goes for most things in life, what you put into it, is what you get out of it. John’s internship can be an invaluable experience if you’re willing to commit. Social media is important for really any industry now and can only be to your benefit to understand it. Before the internship, I felt pretty proficient with social media. I was on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr. Pretty good, right? WRONG. John taught me to re-imagine, not recycle content online. But more importantly, John simply got me excited about a world of possibilities. He’s an innovator and is truly willing to teach all that he knows. Thank you again, John, for everything you’ve done for me, for inspiring me, for believing in me, and for opening up new possibilities for me. I hope other interns can read my testimony and realize how invaluable the experience can be.”

Reggie Woo testimonial about John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Reggie Woo
Contributing Writer
Boston Music Spotlight


Summer ’11 Intern; Contributing Writer, Boston Music Spotlight; formerly Social Media Coordinator / Editorial Staff Member at Our Stage. (LinkedIn Profile)

“I wanted to let you know that I was offered the position! Also, I wanted to thank you for helping me with my resume. Apparently, the person I interviewed with told me she was offering me the position over all the other people interviewing, because I included a QR code in my resume. Thanks again for basically giving me the keys to my new awesome job.”

Jen Leslie testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Jen Leslie,
Medical Writer,
MediTech Media


Fall ’09 intern; Ph.D., MIT, Biology ’11; now Medical Writer, MediTech Media

“My time with John Wilpers was a tremendous experience. I learned so many practical skills for a career in communications. It was a highlight of my grad school experience despite not technically being part of my program. This internship also taught me valuable job finding skills including networking and writing a killer resume. Your connection with John doesn’t end with the internship. Over the years he has continued to keep in touch, passing along job openings, tips, and even giving wonderful recommendations when I applied for jobs!”

Anna Kudryashova testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Anna Kudryashova,
Inter-cultural communications lecturer


Spring ’11 intern; Tyumen State Univ., Russia; Linguistics/Intercultural Communication, ‘10; Currently an inter-cultural communications lecturer with IBM/Europe

“Working with John totally jumpstarted my career in spring 2011 when I was a recent graduate from a Russian University and had a very vague idea of what to do with my degree. I had no connections, no experience and no one I talked to had ever heard of my college (“Isn’t Siberia uninhabitable?”). I had to reinvent myself professionally, and John Wilpers’ internship made it happen. Besides learning a lot about inbound marketing, social media, building a resume, networking, etc., I managed to figure out what it was specifically that I really liked and started blogging about. In less than half a year, my blog “America For Beginners” was found by an intercultural communications company based in France and I was invited to be a guest lecturer at their Business in the US trainings for IBM students. Needless to say, it wouldn’t have happened without John’s advice, valuable feedback and encouragement. Every successful project I had ever since was, directly or indirectly, the result of working with John Wilpers.

Sam Clarke,
Office PA at “1600 Penn” (NBC)


Print Journalism, Emerson, ’09; Office PA at “1600 Penn” (NBC)

Editor’s note: After working with me, Sam went to LA and followed our advice, landing an unpaid internship with a development company. The principal there was also a segment producer on “Ghost Hunters International.” When a paid position opened up, Sam was the first to know and scored the job. The first I heard of it was when I got a text message from Sam (who I thought was in LA), telling me he’d just wrapped up filming in Ireland and was headed for New Zealand and American Samoa! — John Wilpers

It doesn’t matter what career path you’re on, John Wilpers can help you get there. My “practical” career goal in college was journalism but my dream was to write television comedy. John proved the dream could be practical with the right networking, self-marketing and online skills.  He drove home the fact that networking is everything. AND IT IS. Before I even moved to LA, I’d connected with a lead writer for the “Rugrats” cartoon, a 2nd Assistant Director on “CSI,” and a successful producer for the Golf Channel. Those connections were just the tip of the iceberg and each one has led to amazing paid and unpaid opportunities. The most powerful question you can ask ANYBODY is “Do you know anyone else I could talk to?”  John taught me that the difference between successful people and everyone else is that successful people ACT on their ideas, ALWAYS. If you want to create a blog or make a video, DO IT. If you have a great idea for a design or story — make it. Write it. Never stop creating. Develop a huge portfolio of work. That will immediately put you ahead of most of the competition. Lastly, John is all about a sense of entrepreneurship and making yourself as marketable as possible. It’s a tough job market out there but I haven’t noticed and I’ll always be grateful to John for helping me get to where I am.

Francis Cho testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Francis Cho
Associate Community Manager


International Relations, Wellesley, ‘11; Today: Associate Community Manager, Communispace

I’m always grateful and amazed at how incredibly helpful your classes have been. Not just with social media, but with job searching skills in general. I feel like the true value that I got out of the internship was how to be a memorable candidate. Remember how over the summer I got all those interviews and Communispace ended up being the only one that worked out? Over the next few months after I accepted the position at Communispace Ogilvy, American Express, and Estee Lauder called ME to interview for other openings. They clearly remembered who I was, and what was even greater was that the people that I interviewed with referred me for the positions! I remember that I made it to the final interviews for both of them and it was always down to me and another candidate and it was just that the other candidate had more experience. While having more experience is something I don’t have control over, I definitely have control over all other factors. It’s the little details, like making free business cards, having a QR code that leads to an, that left me in people’s minds and I think those things made me “Francis Cho” in an application pool of thousands as opposed to “just another candidate.” So just wanted to say thanks again!

Carolanne Donovan
Content Writer/ Social Marketer
O’Rourke Hospitality Marketing, LLC


Summer ’10 intern; Emerson, graduate student, Marketing; Anticipated degree, May ‘14

Did you go into college knowing exactly what you wanted to do with your life? I sure didn’t. I flip-flopped with so many different career goals that I had trouble keeping them straight. Eventually I settled on Communications but this is where things got even more complicated! There are so many career paths I could take from it. Thank God for John or I probably would have taken the wrong path and ended up at a job I hate. He taught me all about Inbound Marketing and gave me the opportunity to write about something I felt passionate about (“Mad Men” and Marketing). Because of John, I knew that I could combine all my passions into a career and because of a recommendation he gave for me I’m now working at a great agency doing what I love!

Efe Sevin testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Efe Sevin
Adjunct Professor
American Univ.


International Marketing, Masters, Emerson, ’10; Currently Adjunct Instructor, American University School of International Service; also, Ph.D. candidate, American Univ., ’14

I was an intern with John in 2008 during my first semester as a graduate student at Emerson. As a graduate level student of communications, I was a little bit cocky, I thought I knew everything about online communications. Throughout the semester, I realized I didn’t know anything! With John’s help, I learned so many things about blogosphere and online marketing – as well as self-branding and marketing. I created a website for myself (, started my own blog (, and managed to created a network of scholars on twitter ( I met another communication scholar with similar interest, and we started an online nation-branding project ( One of the top scholars in my field found me through my blog! When an interviewer asked me whether I could monitor some blogs for them as part of another internship, I was proud to say “Well, I have already done blog monitoring on a global level!.” John also helped me (and my colleagues) with updating our resumes, and creating a strategy to get the job we want! During your internship, you will meet several interesting people, learn what to do and whom to contact to get the job you want. If you can put what you learn into practice, you will hear people commenting about your dedication, your expertise, and your professionalism. Trust me, I heard several people saying similar things about me!

Want to see shots of actual classes? Click here.

Meghan Keane testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Meghan Keane
Freelance Producer
NPR Weekend All Things Considered
NPR’s podcast: The TED Radio Hour


Broadcast major, Emerson, Dec., ’10; now Freelance Producer, NPR Weekend All Things Considered and NPR’s podcast, The TED Radio Hour

I have a passion for story telling and radio. As a journalism student at Emerson College, I was able to build up my skill set for the new multimedia landscape. By completing John Wilpers’ internship fall 2009, I was able to expand my online presence and was able to secure my dream internship at Boston’s NPR news station, WBUR. There I was able to produce and write my own pieces for the radio. After graduating, I was able to land an internship at NPR’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. where I now work as a freelance producer for Weekend All Things Considered and NPR’s podcast, The TED Radio Hour.

Chris Snow testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Chris Snow
Staff Writer


Fall, ’09 intern; Merrimack College, English, May ’09; Now Staff Writer,

I’ve been working at what is basically a dream job, thanks in no small part to the resume bullet points afforded to me by your internship.

So first of all, thank you so much for what you do, and please know that your work has real-world, life-changing benefits for many interns like me.

Angela Bray testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Angela Bray
Social Media & Marketing Intern at TipTap Inc.
Photographer at Party Earth
Resident DJ, Marketing & Media at GLOW Boston


Journalism major, Suffolk University, Class of 2013; currently paid intern, Hubspot

I loved this internship so much, I continued it for three semesters! While blog analyzing, I bookmarked several of the blogs  for reference and was never bored. The class was my favorite part and the best class I’ve ever taken. Everyone attending shares a passion for social media/journalism/marketing/blogging, and you’re NOT going to learn these things in school. It’s safe to say I have already used everything John taught me, whether for personal or professional use. Thanks to his resume advice and career mentoring, I’ve nailed interviews and landed positions as social media manager at RISE nightclub, inbound marketing intern at HubSpot and virtual marketing assistant for 87 Interactive. That, plus his advice to network like crazy got me into running one of Boston’s premier nightlife events and DJ’ing clubs/events I never imagined I’d be involved with. Seriously, if you’re a “social mediac,” take John’s internship.

Christine Lee
Research Analyst


Fall ’11 Intern, Wellesley College, Research Analyst for a Marketing Consulting firm

There is no way I could have navigated the job search process without my internship with John. Not only is he one of the most knowledgeable, energetic and inspiring people I know, but he is also sincerely interested in your success and in helping you get the most out of the time you spend with him. This internship opened my eyes to the world of social media, and I definitely got more than a few positive comments on the QR code resume, page and the unique cover letter format that John helps you with, every step of the way. I would recommend this internship to everyone I know, even if you aren’t actually interested in social media marketing specifically–what you learn (not just social media, but how to navigate informational interviews, how to conduct the job search, how to make yourself stand out in applicant pools, how to network, and even how to keep yourself motivated to keep going) is helpful and relevant to everyone. As the world becomes increasingly technology-dependent and competitive, students and working adults alike need to be up-to-date on the social media space, and John will get you there quickly and effectively.

Talia Ralph testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Talia Ralph
Weekend Editor & Breaking News Writer at GlobalPost
Contributor at Thought Catalog


Magazine Journalism and Design, Emerson College, May ’11;  Breaking News Writer, (based in Los Angeles) 

This was one of the most valuable experiences I had while at Emerson. John’s extensive

knowledge of social media, coupled with his genuine interest in all his interns’ success (be it

landing your next internship or job, or working on our own personal blog), made me stick with the internship for a full year. My work for GlobalPost led to an amazing full-time job where I can write from anywhere in the world. Do this internship – you won’t regret it!

Teresa Elsey testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Teresa Elsey
Digital Managing Editor
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt


’04 graduate, Harvard College; Digital Managing Editor, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Previously: Production Editor, O’Reilly Media; Ed.-in-Chief, Let’s Go Travel Guides

John’s internship was the best professional development I’ve had in my ten years working in book publishing.

The work and the class developed my knowledge of technological innovation and social media in my field. His focused, sincere, passionate, one-on-one career counseling gave me the confidence, skills, and strategy to search for a new, more forward-looking job in book publishing, and his enthusiastic reference sealed the deal.

Yue Huang testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Yue Huang
Marketing associate, 51 Lincoln;
Social media coordinator; The CookBook Project


BU Journalism, graduated Sept. ’11; News/content writer, Brafton, Inc.

Without John, I wouldn’t have gotten my first job out of college. I had only had journalism experience before, and it was getting increasingly difficult to branch out to other jobs and internships. John’s lessons on SEO, social media, and marketing opened up a whole new world for me, and I landed a job at a content marketing agency merely a month after I completed the internship. So if you have the opportunity to intern with John, do not miss it. John is an inspiring teacher, a dear friend, and a contact for the rest of your career. This internship will prove to be an extremely valuable experience for you regardless of your career path. Just trust me on this one.

Igor Kharitonenkov testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Igor Kharitonenkov
Vice President and Cofounder at Bootstrap Compost
Freelance Media Producer and Videographer


Indiana U., Psychology, May, ’10; Today: Communications Coordinator, CityYear Boston

Having gone through your internship has given me the “cojones,” so to speak, to go out and network, be persistent, set up informational interviews, and learn to wheel and deal on my own.  It’s given me the knowledge and confidence to know that what I’m doing is marketable, and it’s only a matter of time until everyone wants a web video.  I’m learning and growing.  It’s been quite a ride and I’m thankful for it all.  And in the meantime I’m making as many friends as possible, and it’s opened up opportunities for several freelance projects, as well as some part time marketing and communications work with a startup.  So I suppose I just keep trucking. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to line up a bit! I have to give you a big props for teaching me the ways.  In a way you’ve shown the light and given me understanding of how the real world operates, and an understanding of the value of my skills.  Maybe you were Yoda in your past life!  Either way, I’m quite thankful.

Celia Nissen testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Celia Nissen
Content Strategist


Marketing major; Emerson College, Dec. 2011; Today: Content Strategist, SapientNitro

My internship with John helped me present all the valuable experience I have gained throughout my life in new, useful ways. He helped make my resume informative and innovative (you don’t know how many people have commented on the QR code!), and it helped me get many internship interviews. Once I got the interviews, John helped me prepare. Thanks to his help, advice, devotion and connections, I have a great internship at Mullen. John’s internship is a great opportunity that will get you where (wherever!) you want to be. Thanks, John!

Nicole Battaglia testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Nicole Battaglia
Sales Consultant
Berkshire Brewing Company


Video Production major, Emerson, May ’10; now brand rep, Berkshire Brewing Company

I don’t have enough good things to say about John Wilpers’ New Media Internship. You learn so many things in such a short amount of time in such a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, you don’t even realize the education you’re getting. John honed my smattering of experience into a substantial skill set, helped me highlight my strengths and passions, all while teaching me exactly how to market myself — so well, in fact, I landed one of only two amazing PAID internships at the Allen & Gerritsen marketing agency in their emerging technology department (another of John’s interns got the other paid internship!). His internship is responsible for my job right now — and most likely any ones I get after this. My gratitude is unending; do this internship.

Lindsey Briggs testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Lindsey Briggs
Media Relations & Video Specialist
Syracuse University


Broadcast Journalism, BA, ’09, Masters. ’10; Syracuse Univ.; Today: Multimedia Coordinator in Office of News Services at Syracuse University. Kauffman Entrepreneurship Fellow

John’s Social Media and Blogging internship was definitely one of the most valuable ways to spend my time. Learning the vital elements of social media opened doors to network with more people within the media industry and brought more opportunities of revenue my way. Through John’s expertise, every intern leaves enlightened, stronger, and with a boost of confidence to enter their career industry. Because of this internship I have gained new intern experiences with NPR and numerous requests to be an appointed Social Media Specialist for a variety of companies. It is John’s genuine care, encouragement, and heavy involvement that has made me feel confident and comfortable being my true self within any professional career I choose. Currently I  am pursuing my own business venture ‘SocialU 101′ which helps brand and build online presence for all types of businesses through video storytelling and social media consulting.

Wynn Harrison testimonial for John Wilpers and Degrees2Dreams

Wynn Harrison
Production Intern
The Colbert Report


Summer ’10 intern; Emerson College, Journalism, Expected graduation, 2012

I learned more about journalism and new media from John Wilpers’ internship than I could have in my classes at college. Not only am I up on the latest changes in the world of journalism but I now know how to market myself through resume, cover letters, business cards, and the web. If you’re serious about ‘making it’ in your field than get serious about what John Wilpers has to offer

Alex Pearlman
Former Editor in Chief
The Next Great Generation


Fall ’08 Intern, Suffolk University; former Editor-in-Chief, The Next Great Generation (

When I joined this internship, I didn’t really know what it would be like. After all, there are no guidelines for new media yet and I was hungry to learn and explore everything I could. And that’s just what happened. John is an excellent mentor, teacher, and friend. He pushes his students to be the best and doesn’t accept anything less. The classes and assignments are stimulating, challenging in the best ways, diverse and always lots of fun. I can’t think of a better way to get my foot in the door of a job in media than going through this internship. It was an excellent experience that led directly to my position as Editor in Chief of online Gen Y magazine, The Next Great Generation. John Wilpers launched me into what I hope will be a fruitful career.

Kristie Reilly
Writer/Editor at Reilly Writing and Editing
Senior Editor at Cambridge Editors


Philosophy major, University of Chicago, 2000; today: freelance editor,

This internship was incredibly informative. Not only did it provide a fascinating introduction to the broad world of the social Web and online media after I’d spent more than a decade in print publishing, but support and feedback from the class was tremendously helpful as I created my own Web site and blog. My online presence is the cornerstone for the freelancing business I launched just after completing the internship, and I’m now turning clients away! John is a true pro who takes the time to get to know each of his interns, making his feedback tailored, detailed, and super valuable. I’d recommend working with him to anyone–but if you’re interested in the future of communication, what he teaches is simply essential.

Michaela Zanello, Copy Writer/Internet Marketing, MDM Sports


Fall ‘10 Intern; Boston College ‘07, Human Development; Copy writer/internet marketing, MDM Sports

I absolutely loved doing this internship. It doesn’t matter what your major was/is, you are going to benefit tremendously!  I got far more career guidance and inspiration from doing your internship than I ever did from any career counselor I went to as an undergrad! When the internship first started, I was living on the opposite side of the country in San Diego and had to tune in to the classes via UStream, and even still, I learned so much useful information about social media and marketing it’s not even funny, not to mention all of the practical knowledge that I learned about how to market myself and find a job. Plus, you couldn’t ask for a better teacher. John is insanely knowledgeable, and his enthusiasm for what he teaches is contagious. Also, he takes a genuine interest in all of his interns and will go out of his way to help you succeed. I really cannot stress enough what a fantastic opportunity this internship has been



  1. Caryl Frankenberger
    October 1, 2012

    Hi John,
    Love your business. Do you ever help people move into blogging and twittering? I would like to learn more about how to run certain aspects of my business through social media and I have no idea how to learn this info. On my own. Is this something you or one of your staff do?



    • John Wilpers
      October 4, 2012

      Hi Caryl, While we don’t currently focus on business needs, we are launching a series of workshops in the Boston area in November covering several of our social media tips. Are you on our email list? We will send out the dates, times, and topics to those on our list first!

      You’ll also want to be on the list because we’ll be posting articles on blogging tips and strategies in the coming weeks – maybe a webinar, too! Let us know what you’d be MOST interested in seeing, and we’ll make sure to put that at the top of the list!



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