Launch your career with Degrees2Dreams(Degrees2Dreams will be launching our services soon. Send me an e-mail at john@degrees2dreams if you’d like to be among the first to know. In the meantime, we’re writing blog posts we hope will help you in your job search.)

Degrees2Dreams is here to help you launch your career.

We believe that you spent four years and thousands of dollars to have a rewarding, meaningful, exciting, substantial career.

You didn’t work this hard just to get a JOB. You deserve a CAREER.

Do NOT pay attention to all the naysayers who tell you the economy is terrible and that your field is in trouble and that you’ll probably be lucky to get any job. That’s advice for losers. Yes, the economy is terrible and most professional fields are in trouble. And, yes, for some people, getting any job would be considered a stroke of great luck.

But not for you.

We are here to say we have helped launch hundreds of students from college into the careers they dreamed of back when they chose their major and then did the course work and internships to position themselves to make their dream career a reality.

It can be done.

And here’s how:

Degrees2Dreams offers three services:

THE CAMPAIGN for students and recent grads who know precisely what they want to do

THE EXPLORATION for students and recent grads who aren’t sure exactly what they want to do and would like to explore a few options before they dive into a job

THE EXPEDITION KIT for students and recent grads who don’t want or need a full-blown project approach but would like help with a particular tool to use in the job search, offered either a la carte or as a package:

  1. An Interactive, Keyword-Loaded Resume (a resume using social media tricks and ATS-friendly terms)
  2. A “Me Site” (a digital portfolio)
  3. A “Passion Blog” (to showcase your skills and raise your profile in your field)
  4. A Social Media Marketing Campaign of YOU (using social media platforms to locate key industry players and raise their awareness of you!)
  5. An Informational Interview Campaign (getting out and meeting the key players to raise your profile, build your professional network, and get a better sense of the field)

Click on your choice:

  1. OPTION #1: THE CAMPAIGN (for students or recent grads who know what they want to do)
  2. OPTION #2: THE EXPLORATION (for students or recent grads who want to explore some options)
  3. OPTION #3: THE EXPEDITION KIT (for students and recent grads who just need help with one part of the search process)

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