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Pros and Cons of Job HoppingAnyone who takes a look at my resume will find it brimming with positions such as “Library Assistant”, “Resident Assistant” and “Office Assistant”. The only thing these three jobs have in common (aside from the fact that I did them and that woebegone a-word) is that they lasted for the duration of a semester. 4 months. 16 weeks. 120 days.

“Hi, my name is Maysoon Shafi and I’m a job hopper.”

Now, ideally, as a college student, job hopping isn’t as permanent a black mark as it may be for a true professional. An unpredictable, oft-changing schedule is a side effect of being a student and working long-term is a luxury not everyone has.

Do I regret it? Not in the least. In fact, if you’re in college, I’d say go for it. My multiple work study positions allowed me to come to know my school extremely well and I developed an invaluable web of connections because of it. In fact, out of the six jobs I’ve held, I only ever applied to two. The remaining four were given to me as a result of the reputation I had developed as a good worker. So job hopping? Not so bad after all.

Check out a few other plus points in The Pros and Cons of Frequent Job Changes. Perhaps it’s time for a change of scenery….

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