How-to: Great Student Resumes in 5 Steps

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To put it in words that college students would understand, most college student resumes suck.

But it’s not the students’ fault. No one, most shamefully their career counseling office, has shown them anything but ancient resume templates that their great-grandparents probably used.

How to avoid disaster at a job interview

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Congratulations! You have officially been asked to come in to interview for your dream job. That means that you’ve impressed them on paper, aka your resume! That’s great!

But after the glow of getting the invitation wears off, fear sets in. Big time. Screw up the interview and you’re doomed.

Your grad is coming home; five survival tips

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It used to be that when a student graduated from college, they would begin their own lives, which included moving out of the house they grew up in. Not anymore. With 53% of recent college graduates unemployed or under-employed, many graduates are forced to move back into their childhood bedroom. That’s what happened to me.