Today’s 5 Best Job Search Tips From Degrees2Dreams

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Today's 5 Best Job Search Tips from Degrees2Dreams

  1. With recruiters taking to Twitter for potential employees, brevity is the new black. Here’s Your Guide To Applying For a Job In 150 Characters or Less.
  2. What happens on the internet certainly doesn’t stay on the internet so here are 4 Tips To Protect Your Online Privacy and Digital Footprint, courtesy of one of our very own bloggers! 
  3. Millennials- time to brush up on those skills. Check out 5 Career Skills Every 20-Something Should Master.
  4. Updating your resume doesn’t always involve padding it with new information- a little pruning can go a long way.  Spring Clean Your Resume: 5 Items To Delete ASAP.
  5. Meet the job seeker’s new best friend: Throw Out Your Resume. This website takes you, step-by-step, through the job search process. (And it’s easy on the eyes, too.)

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