Three Easy Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

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If you’re new to blogging, here are three quick tips that will make a big difference between publishing stuff that will impress potential employers and stuff that will, lets just say… NOT impress them.

1. Have a distinct and consistent writing style/voice.

It’s really important to have a writing style that sounds natural, friendly, and conversational to a reader who doesn’t know you personally. This is your strongest tool by far!

While you’re writing, do yourself a favor and periodically read what you’ve written out loud to yourself.

If you’re in public, do this quietly. We don’t want people thinking you are crazy…

Read aloud BEFORE you post anything. Reading your work aloud, especially to friends or colleagues, is the absolute best way to catch anything that might sound awkward. It will help you cut out pompous words (left over from your English and Philosophy term papers), trim extraneous words, and make your writing flow naturally.

You should aim to make your posts sound casual, as if you were talking to someone over dinner or writing a friend an e-mail. This type of writing style doesn’t come easily to everyone, so if you’re one of those people, you’re screwed…


A good tip is to start a diary or a journal to get used to writing casually and not stiffly.

2. Post frequently!!!

I cannot stress this enough—all successful blogs have dedicated blog owners who are constantly sharing, teaching, learning, and posting to keep their readers engaged. Set a schedule (once a week on Wednesdays) and stick to it. No less than weekly, though.

3. Develop a relationship with your readers.

Always include an invitation to readers to share their thoughts and opinions. If you don’t do this, your blog will come across as “preachy” — basically, you caring only about your own opinions and not those of others.

“Preachy” does not a good blog make!

Strong blogs have a dialogue with their readers, often going back and forth for days agreeing, disagreeing and sharing ideas that everyone can enjoy.

So, don’t hesitate. A blog can be your best tool in finding a career-launching job because it puts you and your skills out there on the web where potential employers can find you.

Start today. It’s never too late to get started!


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