Blogging During a Job Search: Why a Passion Blog Is Important

Degrees2Dreams Passion Blogs Help Create Your Personal Brand and Find A Job After CollegeHalf of all employers check out applicants’ social media presence BEFORE they contact the applicant. If you write a “passion blog” about your professional niche, you can create an immediate good impression with hiring managers, impressing them with your skills and industry knowledge.

And you can use the passion blog to interview key players, the same folks you’ll be contacting later when it’s time to find a job.

Your online reputation is extremely important when it comes to getting that first career-launching job. Almost 70% of all hiring managers have rejected applicants because of what they found online; but an almost equal amount have hired applicants based on the good stuff they found online.

So, a high-quality blog about your field is one of the best ways to convince those hiring manager you are qualified and knowledgeable.

Most college students and recent graduates are unaware that blogging is a great way to show off your talents, brand yourself, put you in touch with key players in your industry, and kick-start your job hunt all in one foul swoop.

Blogging frequently about your professional interests and passions is an excellent way to get you noticed for a shot at your dream job. Gisele Nelson writes about the importance of constantly being connected, sharing and communicating with other people in your profession online are good ways to create a web presence. If you’re following and retweeting and ommenting on the key players’ blogs and Twitter sites, you will be impossible to ignore. And you will create an impression as someone they should keep in mind. They might even recruit you out of the blue. It’s happened to many Degrees2Dreams clients.

Blogging is one of the best ways you can be constantly connected and easily discovered for all the right reasons,

If you see/read/hear something interesting having to do with your field, write about it in your blog to get a conversation started about it between you and your readers. This is especially effective if you write about what the thought leaders in your field are saying. When you link back to them, they’ll get a ping that your blog has mentioned them, causing them to go check you out. Step #1 in establishing you as someone they should keep their eye on!

Blogging can be great on so many different levels. You can do just about anything you want and go in any direction with it. You can learn, teach, write, discover and be getting discovered all at the same time!

While the blogging journey can be unique to every individual, it is essential to keep a few general things in mind when getting started: Post frequently and on some sort of schedule. You want your readers have something to look forward to and to rely on. Post the link to your blog in as many places as you can (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) to get the word out there about your new creation. And finally, take chances with your blog; no one wants to read a repeat of something they’ve already seen or something dry and dull.

If you are sharing your personal passions with the world and creating well written, thought-provoking posts, future employers will be interested and curious about you.

So, go out there and create a blog that could be your ticket to your first great career-launching blog.


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